STEPLESS 17.8-21.0

Item No
OET 16700024

Stepless Ear Clamp -- 7 x 0.6mm -- 21.0-706R

  • Stepless? ear clamps hold against pressure and vibration or material shrinkage due to temperature changes or aging
  • A built-in spring action permits the clamp to breathe without loosening
  • Once installed and clamped, any tampering is easily visible
  • Ensured clamping seal
  • Smooth inner band prevents damage to the hose while the tongue-in-groove design provides a 360 deg seal
  • No steps or gaps inside the clamp
  • For silicone, vinyl, polyurethane or other high-tech materials
  • For low durometer and/or thin-walled hose/tubing
  • When ordering Stepless? ear clamps, select the nominal size nearest to, but always larger than, the outside diameter of the material to be clamped, the outside diameter should be determined with connection fully assembled
  • Clamps are not reusable; they should not be pried open, doing so renders the clamps nonfunctional
  • Warning: this product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm
  • Do not use in connection with drinking water
  • Wash hands after handling