Welcome To DeeTag Ltd.

Since 1982 DeeTag has become one of the most trusted names in fluid power connections. We believe our success and longevity lies with our people, our processes and our selection of quality products. For DeeTag, it's never been a race to the bottom, but rather a race to the top. The DeeTag difference is our People, Products and Process, they combine to give our customers a quality product that lasts longer.



Through our continued efforts, the diligence of our employees, customers and suppliers we remain Covid-19 free at Deetag. We are striving to do our part to flatten the curve.
Please note:
  • Service-counter and order pick-up activities are open, conducted via drop boxes outside the building.
  • All other methods of communication remain available: email, phone, fax, website, text
  1. All workspaces are a minimum two meters apart.
  2. Employees that can work from home do
  3. A documented cleaning regimen exists
 We have offered additional paid vacation days to everyone who cannot work from home as a means of encouraging them to stay home should they experience symptoms or if they need to be home to support family members.
We are in this together and it is our people, our customers and our suppliers that will help us though this pandemic.
We are open for business with many accommodations in place to ensure safety for our people and our customers.
Our supply chain remains solid. We are managing an aggressive inventory strategy to align our readiness with our customers’ forecasts.
Please remain safe and healthy.
Thank you for doing your part to flatten the curve in Canada, USA, Italy and the world.
Stay healthy stay safe.



At DeeTag our processes are unique, the extra steps taken confirm our products last longer and can take the punishment you've come to expect. The DeeTag advantage combines standards, measurements and rigorous testing to ensure only the very best product leaves our facility.

Whether it's ISO, Mil-Spec, CFIA, TSSA or CRN that you require, our process ensures compliance and quality.



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